Ship Lengthening / Conversions

When newbuilds are not an option, Ship Upgrades are solution.

Our engineers have gained an extensive experience in supporting the Owner's aspirations of improving efficiency of their fleet by adapting their vessels to a constant changes on maritime shipping market.

Sometimes it's the lengthening of the ship that improves the efficiency of the vessel, sometimes vessels are to be adapted for a different type of cargo then originally being built for, but what is common for these interventions is that they prolong the commercial life of ships...and we're happy to contribute in achieving this goal.

The key part of every Ship Upgrade project is Feasibility study that will answer the most important question: Is the existing ship suitable for the new purpose? Ship's capacity, stability and propulsion are to be carefully evaluated as well as Rule requirement for specific type of vessel, prior to making the final decision on ship's future life.

What we can provide is:

01 Feasibility study

02 Technical specification

03 Class. drawings and calculations

04 Workshop documentation

Since the company has been founded, SRS has been involved in various ship upgrade projects, such as:

01 Hull upgrades (i.e. ship lengthening)

02 Ship conversions

03 Wide range of E.R., Cargo and Deck equipment Retrofit and Refit designs


Green Technology retrofits

Since the IMO requirments regarding SOx/NOx emissions and ballast discharge requirements (D-2) have come into force, our Machinery engineers have proven their skills in many BWTS Retrofits (Alfa Laval, De Nora, Optimarine, Headway, Sunrui), EGCS Retrofits (Langh Tech, Saacke, CleanMarine), and SCR Retrofits.

SRS may provide Retrofit documentation for installations on 3 levels:

Feasibility study is the most important phase of any Retrofit installation because it gives you an answer to a very important question: Is your onboard equipment and resources adequate to perform the task together with new equipment that is to be installed? If they're not, unexpected costs and probable delays will occur in the most inconvenient moment... while in Yard.

In order to answer above questions, our engineers are performing Flow analysis with new equipment included, and compare them with available resources.

It is to be noted that for all of above mentioned Retrofit installations, 3D Laser Scanning is an option (not an imperative) in order to provide best implementation results.