Our engineers are providing a wide range of calculations that are neccessery to build reliable and efficient vessels. Software used by SRS engineers:



Hydrostatics & Stability


DnV Nauticus Hull

Rule strength analysis of ships


DnV GeniE

FEM Modelling & Analysis



Application for designing and analyzing complex pipe networks

Stability calculations

Hydrostatic & Stability calculations are essential in ship concept design, and we are providing:

01 Ship’s Hydrostatic characteristics,

02 Ship’s Intact stability,

03 Ship’s Damage stability (deterministic and probabilistic method),

04 Special stability booklet/loading manual as per Grain Code and Timber code,

05 Stability of new floating sections provided for lengthening of ship,

06 Stability with strength calculation for temporary ship’s voyages (i.e. Worldwide transit of vessels being built for operation in Great Lakes only),

07 Inclining experiment

Hull scantlings

SRS is providing Hull strength calculations using both methods:

01 Prescriptive Rule calculations in compliance with all Classification Societies (IACS Polar Class notations also) - standard approach to calculate Local Hull Scantlings subjected to Local loads and Hull girder loads.

02 Direct strength calculations

  • Beam Analysis of Hull's transverse elements, grillages, Outfitting & Equipment foundations.
  • FE Analysis of complex hull structures including Cargo hold analysis according to the IACS CSR.

Machinery calculations

All Heat transfer, Heat balance and Fluid Flow calculations that lead to energy efficient vessels are our standard SoW.

Even most complex pipe networks are being analized and solved with specialized software in SRS, so you can leave the design of piping systems (newbuilds and retrofits) to us with confidence.