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Thursday, 22 November 2012 15:36


Project No 1120 MV Balder (Common design project with CLEAN MARINE AS)
Installation of exhaust gas cleaning unit on 48000 TDW Bulk selfunloader

Conversion Shipyard: V. Lenac; Rijeka; Croatia

Owner: Torwald Klaveness; Oslo;

Class: DnV

IMO NUMBER: 9233416

End of conversion: June 2012


Due to Amendments to MARPOL annex VI:

  • In 2015, any ship operating within ECA's (Nord Sea, Baltic Sea, US & Canadian East and West Coast) will be required either to operate on 0,1% fuel or install exhaust gas cleaning equipment (scrubbers)
  • In 2020-2025 operation on 0,5% fuel is expected to become mandatory worldwide


In accordance with EU Directive 2005/33/EC max. allowable sulfur content of fuel oil used by ships 'at berth', more than two hours, will be 0,1%.


Exhaust gas cleaning (EGC) system characteristics:

  • EGC unit designed by CLEAN MARINE AS; Norway,
  • Wet type of unit,
  • Open and close loop cleaning possibility,
  • NaOH (Caustic soda) tank; system tank; WTU  tank; Sludge tank and holding tank are part of functional system together with sea water cleaning pumps, heat exchanger (cooler), circulation pump and injection water pumps.
  • EGC unit covering exhaust gases from Main engine, 3 Auxiliary engines and composite boiler in simultaneous operation
  • Arrangement of equipment as well as complete installation documentation made by Shipping Research Services inc. d.o.o Rijeka, Croatia with approval of DnV head Office.


Sequences of work in shipyard shown on here bellow photos.




Lower part of the unit and its foundation, isolated on the deck.


New structure - lower part of funnel with Engine room, fan houses, upper part of the unit - exhaust inlets/bypasses.


Lower part of the unit, middle part of the unit, new structure - upper part of funnel.




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